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Photo Gallery
Dante and Faith with little Rosie in the Back
Baby Rosie
Dante playing with a log.
My daughter Sophia with Rosie.
My Daughter Violet with Rosie, picture taken the night before she got her ears cropped.
Daddy with Rosie.
My Daughter Heather with Rosie.
Faith with her newborn pups.
My son Preston with Rosie Christmas 2015.
Dante and my little female Dogo Rosie, they love to play!
Steph with little Rosie.
This is Big Blue from Faith's 1st littler of pups. He was pick of the litter, until his eyes stayed blue. Funny how many people I had who still wanted him. He was a really good looking boy.
Rosie with her ears cropped.
James with his baby Dante February 2015.
Dante with two of his pups, Alex and big Blue, they were the big boys of the little.
Dante with the pick of the little female dogo Violet. She was a big beautiful, friendly girl!
Dante and Rosie playing in the sprinkler Summer 2016
Dogos love the water!
This is a very young Dante, in the back of our minivan. He hated riding in the car until we started letting him ride in the very back. I guess the closed space made him feel safe.
This is Dante being silly in Dec of 2015!
Dante with his big tooth smile!
Dante cooling off on a hot summer day, Crazy dog!
Dante on his birthday 2015!
Dante doesn't fetch sticks, he plays fetch with logs.
One of my favorite picture of Dante, I use it everywhere!
This is baby Rosie right before she had his ears cropped. She is so cute!
Rosie getting love!
Dante with his pups, summer 2016.
Faith and her pups.
Faith the mellow Dogo!
Faith, I so love this dog.
Faith hanging out with her pups summer 2016.
Faith right before she gave birth to her pups April 27 2016, she had her pups two days later.
My prego dog Faith.
Faith four year old female Dogo Argentino.
Faith my good girl!
Faith being attacked by her puppies summer of 2016.
Faith Just Chilling!
Dante and Faith.
Rosie does not take any poop from anyone. LOL
Rosie before she grew into her ears.
Rosie playing with the pirate pup Alex summer 2016.
Rosie eating Blue, LOL.
Rosie and Lulu Bell summer of 2016
The photo the breeder sent me before I bought Rosie.
Sophia sleeping with Rosie.
Faith's baby Petey, what a wonderful little sweetie he was. He went to a great family in Philly.
Dante playing in the back yard.
Faiths wonderful puppies eating out of the ten bowl puppy feeder.
Dante passed out after playing with his tire!
One of the best pictures I have ever taken of my pups. All five male in a row, so cute!
Dante with wearing my boonie cover from the first Gulf War.
Dante playing in the snow, I always put a jacket on my dogos when it's cold out.
Dante waiting to go out and play in the snow.
Dante and Steph.
Dante and Rosie playing the day I brought her home for the airport.
This is the Wild bunch, don't you just love them?
Dante and Faith sleeping on each other.
Rosie laying on Faith, the silly dogo.
Diego the day we brought him home.
My Daughter Heather and Diego.
Diego a couple of days after we got him.
Diego eating a Barbie, Bad Dog!
I miss this dog, he was just a nice dog.
Diego my wonderful male Dogo Argentine just kicking it on the recliner. RIP buddy you will always be remembered.
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Custom 10 Bowl Puppy Feeder
James Loving on the Pups!
Sophia and Alex Our Babies
Sophia and the puppies 2
Steph, Rosie and Faith
Faith First Litter of Puppies!
Newborn Puppies April 2016
Rosie and the Puppies 2016
Faith the Day She Gave Birth, 1st Litter
Rosie and the Pups June 2016
Day Old Puppies April 2016
Big Blue May 2016
Violet with Baby Alex 

We have 100's of pictures of our dogos and of the puppies on our Facebook and blog. If you buy a puppy from us. We will take a picture and day and post it, so that you can watch your puppy grow. We will also take a video a week so you can see your puppy in action. We want you to be a part of the puppies life right from the start!