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Our Past Puppies
Alex Pirate Dogo DOB 4-29-2016
Big Blue DOB 4-29-2016
Petey DOB 4-29-2016
Marko DOB 4-29-2016
Violet DOB 4-29-2016
Suzi AKA Queenie DOB 4-29-2016
Raven AKA Pinky DOB 4-29-2016
Lulu Bell DOB 4-29-2016
Raven at 7 months old.
Raven at 4 months old.
BoB DOB 10-11-2016
Floki DOB 10-11-2016
Gunny DOB 10-11-2016
Molly DOB 10-11-2016
Sophia 10-11-2016
Molly DOB 10-11-2016
Jackson DOB 5-2-2017
Dax DOB 5-2-2017
Izzy DOB 5-2-2017
Diego DOB 5-2-2017
Jupiter DOB 5-2-2017
Jay Jay DOB 5-2-2017
Rex DOB 5-2-2017
Shelly DOB 5-2-2017
Alex All Grown Up
Big Blue All Grown Up
Petey All Grown Up
Jackson DOB 7-29-18
Grace DOB 7-29-18
Grace DOB 7-29-18
Grace DOB 7-29-18
Marko DOB 4-29-2016
Jay Jay
Jay Jay the big boy
Layla aka Boo
Layla aka Boo with her new Family
Layla and her big brother
Luna at her new home Dec 2018
Luna out and about
Luna and her brother Dec 2018
Lana's new Family
Molly 7 months old
Beautiful Molly
Nova's new Mom
Nona and her Daddy
Stunning Petey
Poncho 2 Years Old
Rosie's puppy Joyce
Shelly and her new Friend!
Shelly and her New Family
Thor aka Mike
Thor Boating!
Whisper 3 months Old
Whisper aka Ava three month old Dogo
Whisper aka Ava 3 months old
Will playing in the food bowl!